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Our story

I had something happen today that I wanted to brag about and also
made me think, "hey, Ive never had an official 'about me' post" so here goes!

I met D in 2004 during high school and we have been inseperable ever since.
He was and still is the funniest person I have ever met. He has this
special talent where he can make me laugh while I am in the WORST of moods...
Im talking about those times when I am a total Bword and want
NOTHING to do with him or anyone else. He will start making up songs,
he will force me out of the house, and always come up with
some type of adventure that puts me in the best mood. Be jealous :)

D has wanted to be in the military since I have met him. Everytime he brought it up
it would turn into an argument because I am not from a military family
and know NOTHING about it besides the bad.
I always swore to myself I would never be a military wife and
although it was D's dream, I was selfish and wanted nothing to do with it.

Last year, I finally gave in and it has been the best decision
I have ever made of my life.
We have been together for 7 years, after agreeing to the military, we were
engaged and married less than 2 months later.
We left our favorite place in the world, Orlando, and I am back home
with my parents for the moment...
D left for bootcamp in September and although it sucks that he is so far away
it has made us stronger than ever. I have become one PROUD army wife and I have never
been so proud of and happy for my husband.

So back to the thing that happened today that started this whole post!
I got a letter from D today letting me know that he has not only made squad leader
but he is the top runner and shooter in his entire group!!!
Saying I am proud is definately an understatement!

I cannot wait to see where our first orders are
or what our new life will be like.
He graduates at the end of the year and I am counting down the days
until I get to see D as a soldier for the first time :)!

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