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Happy Halloween!

Tonight we took my brothers trick-or-treating downtown :) It was crowded but
we ended up having a TON of fun! Of course my brothers decided
they wanted to be Army soldiers the day they found out D was in the Army...so cute!

Mason is definately going to be a Drill Sargeant when he grows up...

My sister and I decided to dress up at the last minute and painted our brothers
Stormtroopers masks black. We were happy with what we came up with :)

We all voted on which costume of the night was our favorite. We all agreed that
the Transformers were the best. These people had cars from the movie, lined up in their driveway,
with a flat screen TV playing the Transformers movie, and the BEST costumes
I have ever seen on Halloween...

As we were walking to our car we stumbled upon a Halloween themed fireworks show
which ended the night off perfectly. Mason even decided "HEY this is the BEST Halloween ever!!!!"

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