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Blankity Blank Blanks

I miss being creeps together <3

I'm weird because...
I am obsessed with Harry Potter and Star Wars
I make up random songs about nothing
I can make some of the ugliest faces on earth
I put cheese on my french toast...try it, its delicious
I hate eating breakfast
I never blow dry my hair, ever
I spoon my dog every night

I'm a bad friend because...
I hate talking on the phone so I will rarely pick up
Id rather be with hubby cuddling most of the time..sorries
I dont get to see you as much as Id like

I'm a good friend because...
I will listen and give you advice
I will go to crazy lengths to make you happy
If you are sad I wont let it last very long
Even though I hate phones I will text you nonstop all day errrday
I will be a total nerdy dork with you

I'm sad because...
I drove 2 hours to get my military ID today and the ID machine was broken
I got lost in a scary town today
I havent seen my hubby in 10 weeks

I'm happy because...
Only 7 more days until I can hug my hubby lubby
I got my Scentsy order in the mail today
Hubby gets a phone call tomorrow to his lonely wifey
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving
My soldier gets a free day tomorrow to eat turkey and relax at basic training
I am loved

I'm excited for...
My first 5k tomorrow
All the yummy treats im baking for hubby's big day
Hubby's graduation next week
Spending Christmas at Disney with hubby
Making new memories
How new and crazy next year will be
Cuddling and Sherlock Holmes

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