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Five things I have learned

Over the past month and a half that D has been gone,
I have learned 5 important things:

1. I am much stronger than I thought. The two weeks leading up to D shipping out, I was so upset that I wouldnt see him for months at a time and that I wouldnt be happy. It has been 45 days since I have seen him and guess what?  Im not dying. Yes I am very upset that he is gone and I think about him nonstop everyday! But I am not miserable and I am learning to be very independent.

2. Family is everything. I moved back home and I was worried I would be fighting with my mom and sister nonstop because we all have the same short fuse and freak out over everything. I am surprised to say we havent been fighting at all and I wouldnt have been able to be without D if I wasnt home. It has definately made it sooo much easier to be around family :)

3. Shopping addictions are curable. I remember spending a lot of my paycheck every week on clothes I didnt need. It would make me feel so guilty for buying it but once I put on that new blazer or slipped on a new pair of Toms I would feel so happy. I am proud to say I have only bought 2 pairs of shoes in the past few months, one of those pairs was 70% off and only cost 15 bucks! *pats self on back*  I dont even want to go shopping anymore either, it has definately lost its appeal.

4. Fur babies are just as good as real babies. Our puggle Monster cuddles with me every night and has a constant need for attention. Now that D is gone, who better to spoil than our fur baby? She gets to sleep in my bed everynight, go for longgggggg walks, and always has at least 2 bones by her side. Spoiled rotten!

5. Cellphones < Letters. I only have 27 days left until I see D and 45 days have passed. I only get to see him for 2 days and then he's back to schooling for a while and we have a huge obstacle of not being able to talk on the phone but we can write lots and lots of letters :) We have definately grown much stronger and closer since he has been gone through our letters. Whenever I check the mail and there are a pile of letters from him just for me it is the best feeling in the world. Wayyyyy better than a text message, who would of thought?!

"Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle,
rather a beautiful reminder of just how strong love can be."

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