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Friday Letters Link Up

Linking up at the lovely Ashleys page today!

Dear Turkey Trot,
Thanks for kicking my butt so early in the morning. It helped me clear my head and start my day off in a great mood. It also helped me feel okay about pigging out during the day :) I completed you in 30 minutes...next year I will complete you in 20? Is that even possible? Can turkeys trot that fast?

Dear Hubby,
Thank you for spending almost the whole day on the phone with me. You have no idea how happy it made me to hear your ringtone after not hearing it for 10 weeks. Getting to text you the rest of the day after the amazing phone call was the icing on the cake. It was the best day Ive had since you have been gone, thanks to you :) Im glad you got to eat pumpkin pie and turkey all day!

Dear Thanksgiving,
Thanks for being so awesome this year. Keep up the good work :)

Dear Monster pup,
You were losing so much weight until yesterday. I think you got more table scraps than I got food. Time for lots of walks this week :) Be prepared.

Dear South Carolina,
I will be seeing you in 5 days. Please make the weather amazing so my days with my hubby will be even more spectacular. I cant wait to be inside you....uhhh...5 days!!

Dear Cyber Monday,
Black Friday sucks and I know you can do better....much better. Please have my Canon Rebel on sale so I can not feel so guilty for spending that much money on it! It would be greatly appreciated.


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