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Guest Post: Always Kiss Me Goodnight

Todays guest post is from the lovely Karla!
"I am now a young newlywed ready to take on the world!I know Life is not a fairy tale, Life and Marriage is Hard work but if you have someone willing to work just as hard.. Half the battle is already in your pocket! I’m learning how to Really love being Me.. While still trying to change my stubborn attitude and pride that can get in the way of good things.."

She lives over at Always Kiss me Goodnight! Lets show her lots of love!
My Name is Karla I reside in the best city: Long Beach<< Don’t believe Me Just ask Snoop Dog and the guys from Sublime! Lol
I am a Newlywed ( wahoo) I still can’t get used to the fact that I have a husband!! We have been married for almost 3 months now.. but fell in love back in 2005.. almost 7 years together. We are parents to a Fur-Baby named yogi, He is quite the spoiled little brat that every “mother” wishes NOT to have! Trust Me I will not allow my actual kids get away with half of the stuff Yogi gets away with{ I hope}. Because of the wedding I developed/ discovered this crafty side of me that I’m loving, One day I would love to be the “betty Crocker- Martha Stewart- My mommy can kick your butt in a court room “ . I am on my way to becoming a court room interpreter, Maybe one day you’ll see me doing linguistics for the CIA?!Don’t know what life has in store BUT all my faith is in GOD! With God on my side all things are possible!
I started blogging as a way to document the process of my wedding planning. I did allot of DIY projects and was consumed with every detail of the wedding so it was a good way to keep track and look back at all my hard work! Once I started discovering Newlywed and mommy blogs the blogging world took on a whole new meaning and space in my heart. I have come across some amazing God loving ladies and I have to say their blogs inspire me to be better at everything. Including you Mrs. Kristen.. gosh can I have a smoking bod and be inspired to wake up and go to the gym every day?!
My parents are my role models, They have been married for 28 years and still going strong. Their faith in times of trouble amazes me, they are the epitome of casting all your worries and cares on to the Lord! A man like my Father is exactly what I prayed for, A man with patience, understanding and true partner.
My birthday just happened, so I don’t have much of a Christmas list: Although if money was not a factor I would LOVE an SLR Nikon camera!

Dont you love her?!
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