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Guest Post: Girls Love Fried Pickles


Today I am excited to announce my first guest post!
Lets show her some love!
Oh! And you can find me over here today!

Meet Dusty from Girls Love Fried Pickles!
"Life is like a pickle. Sometimes sweet and sometimes sour, but well worth the journey."

My name is Dusty. I am from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee which is right outside of Nashville. I have two wonderful boys in my life, my lovey, Chad and my son, Ian who is six and full of energy. I am a fashion fanatic on a budget, animal mom to two yellow labs, Mille and Libby Lou, lover of lip gloss and hats, huge extrovert, crafty, singer, sometimes opinionated but passionate about my family and friends.

After I had my son, I totally devoted my self to being a mom and work. The last year after a few personal tragedies, I decided I needed to find myself, happiness and be creative within my self. I am a GIRL POWER kind of person. I believe that in order to be someone you have to believe in yourself. Only you can make the change, I tell them. I also am a funny girl at heart. I use humor as an outlet because what makes you happiest, a little laughter. I love to write and it just became an outlet. At first, I started looking at blogs for outfit posts, see if I could do the same but let other women they can be faboo on a budget. Then realized those blogs are everywhere, plus as confident as I am about myself, I am still a little insecure and apprehensive about my own outfit posts, but I am working myself up to it. So it became this outlet to express myself, get to know others and make knew friends. People that share the same experiences, things in common and just to read for fun. It is my second child really. Since blogging I have become happier, creative and more at peace. I became me again.
I have so many roll models. My mom has the biggest heart and my grandmother is strong. I think I am a combination of both. They both have sacrificed so many things over the years for the sake of their families and I would fight a mountain lion for my family and friends..(Scorpio through and through).
My Christmas list first and foremost is for my sweet boy to have the best Christmas. Then if Santa has anything left over I want a new camera and tripod and gift certificates to shop. I am so excited about Christmas this year. Decorating, baking and the love it brings. My family is having the "ugly sweater contest" this year. I can't wait!
Dont you love her?!
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