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Hubby Bubby

I got to see some AMAZING pictures of my Soldier tonight
and just HAVE to share them with you :)
I am such a proud wife <3
I asked him in a letter to show his wedding ring
whenever he sees a camera and sure enough he did!
Look how hot he is....just look...dont look too much, hes taken!

Hes on the left kneeling, wedding ring towards the camera :)

 Right up front, and look at that ring! Such a good hubby :)

SO proud. so proud. so proud!
On another note, on Monday's I want to start a new link up!
It will be called Motivational Mondays and I want to write about what motivates you!
It can be about anything: what motivates you to workout, or as a parent, maybe to get you through the day....anything! I hope to see you here on Monday!

Can I also brag that I have won my THIRD blog giveaway this month!!! I never win ANYTHING!
And this time it was 75$ in gift cards from 2 amazing shops!

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