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Thankful Thursday


I am thankful for:

My husband.
He is the strongest, self-motivated, caring, and funniest person I know.
He always brings out the better in me. If I am in a bad mood, he does everything he can to
put me in a good mood. He is goofy and could care less what anyone else thinks about him.
He makes life an adventure every single day and does everything he can to make me happy.
I am so lucky.

My new hair :)
 I got a cut and color today after not doing anything to my hair for 3 months!
That includes using the blow dryer OR straightener! This was quite the accomplishment
for me as I use to have a new cut and color once a month (I was the guinea pig in hair school)
Dont mind my ridiculous attempt at being cute/model-ish. My hair is cute though :)

Our baby Monster.
This is no ordinary dog. She seriously thinks she is a human, its ridiculous.
Monster will not sleep in a dog bed for she is a queen. She must sleep in my bed, under the covers, with her head taking up my entire pillow. Monster will not stand for a short walk in the yard. I must take her down the street so she can get her exercise and run up to every person we pass.
She will stare you down when you've done something wrong. She winks at me all the time and it freaks me out. She is the sweetest, most loving, fur baby I have ever met. Monster loves everyone and everything and can never have enough attention. Thats our baby :)

My new life.
I never thought Id be saying this about the Army but Im excited to see where our new life takes us.
We could be moving anywhere in the world by next summer and we wont know until a few weeks
in advance. That would scare most people but Im excited for it! Im also excited that my hubby is following his dream and that I get to be along for the ride. Lets just hope we dont get moved to somewhere like Utah (last on my list of places to live because its so random) and anywhere like Japan or China (just in case I get stuck there alone...scary stuff)

My family.
As far as families go, mine are one of the best. My mom and sister are some of my best friends. My two brothers are such a handful but their innocent questions and running around naked all the time make life so much more fun. Mason is on a kick that I will marry him someday so I can have two husbands. "Thats how it should be. I just want you to get married twice. Then I can live with you and it will be two guys and one girl." I dont know where they learn these things.

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