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Thankful Thursday!

Yayy one more Thursday closer to seeing D and more reasons to be thankful!

My hubby, duhhhhh!
Can YOUR hubby take on a Stormtrooper and live to tell the tale?!
He not only battles evil forces on the Darkside but he looks amazingly hot doing it...am I right?
Less than 2 weeks until I see him and then he's back off to save the world! He also is a soldier who WANTS to be deployed so he can make a difference and fight for our freedom.
Hes pretty much perfect.

My mom.
Not only does she work harder than anyone I have ever met but she has 4 kids to take care of.
She happily let me move back in with her once D shipped out with no questions asked.
A huge thing is that she always treats D and myself like adults!!
I love her so much and Im so happy shes one of my best friends :)

Oh Pinterest.
You will have a spot on my thankful Thursday list forever as well as in my heart <3
You keep me busy and creative on days when I miss D most.
You help me pick out outfits and try out new hairstyles.
Pinterest, I thank you :)

Spicy Lemon Garlic Shrimp
 You will be in my stomach tonight and I have been looking forward to you all week.
Thanks for all those happy feelings you give me when Im through eating you all up :)

Jillian Michaels
I have just finished your 30 day shred.
Thanks for yelling at me every morning and making me feel horrible if I try to take a breather.
Im moving on to your next ab dvd tomorrow and cant wait to be pushed even harder.
By the time I see D I will be more buff than him thanks to you :) ;)

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