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We Love This Stuff

First of let me start by saying I won a giveaway from Violet Bella yesterday!
If you dont follow her yet, go do so because her blog is amazing :)

Not only did I win that adorable pair of earrings,
but also 2 prints from Pamplemousse1983, AND a $30 Scentsy giftcard!

I have been trying to get more and more creative/entertaining with things I send D in the mail.
Rather than the usual letter talking about all the things I want to eat and do with him
when we are together again, I figured I'd make it more fun. I cut a few of our
favorite things out in construction paper...yes I know it looks like a 3rd grader made it,
but Im proud and think he will get a good laugh out of it :)

Only a few weeks to go until he gets a short break for Christmas!!!

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