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Best night of my life :)

Finally home from hubby's graduation and it was amazing! It was so surreal to see him run across the field in his ACU's and of course I was the first person out there to claim him as mine :) When they announce we could grab our soldiers I ran down the bleachers and almost ran through the formation when hubby gave me a "OMG YOUR GOING THE WRONG WAY" look and I remembered I was at a military event and cant do what I would normally do. I love him so much and dont know how I got so lucky to be able to call him mine! He was one of a handful of soldiers to win an award out of the entire battalion and also the most handsome soldier there. It was so hard to say goodbye again but only two more weeks until I have him home for Christmas, and then hes back to Army life for a while...a long while. I finally got my Canon Rebel and took 900 pictures! Heres a few of my favorites...

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