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My Weekend and TOMORROW!


My entire weekend consisted of Elf on the Shelf,
cuddling with our pup Monster,
and Facetime with my hubby on the iPad!

I had "Elfie" waiting in the car when I picked the boys up from school Friday
and then Saturday morning Elfie turned the milk green!
This morning he had dumped out cereal on the counter and was hanging out of the box. 
Tomorrow morning he will be driving around the counter in a tractor.
As Ive mentioned before, Elf scares the crap out of me but my brothers really do believe he is magic and its the best feeling to see how excited they get when Elfie moves to a new spot every morning.

Guess what tomorrow is?!
I finally get to see my hubby for two weeks!
I have guest posts lined up for you guys that I am super excited about!
Have a great Christmas everyone, I cant wait to show you what I have been up to!

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