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How to: Color your hair at home

Dearest lady friends of mine,
Thank you for all the hair compliments and ideas these past few days! I'd like to share some advice and knowledge with you guys about hair coloring.
I know how tempting it is to spend 7$ on a box of hair coloring but I promise you that you are doing your hair MUCH more harm than good.

Did you know your hair is made up of 85% protein and only 1% pigment?
Did you know that box color has so much ammonia that it strips away your cuticle in your hair?
Did you know that it will make your hair brittle and cause tons of breakage?
Did you know that it has the same pH level as oven cleaner?

I know the celebrities on hair color commercials have shiny, rich hair that looks amazing...do you honestly think these stinkin' rich ladies would use box hair color? The answer is no. Never. Would you pay 7$ if you were a millionaire? No sir.
There is no way to get those results using a single shade color that is made to work on every hair type.
Box color is made to work on the coarsest hair to the finest hair, how much do you hate your hair?

If you absolutely must color your hair at home I strongly advise going to your nearest beauty supply store. Its honestly still going to cost you under 20$ and I am going to walk you step by step on what you need in order to do this.

What you will need:

Hair color mixing bowl- $1
Measuring beaker: $1

Coloring brush: $1
 Developer: $3 for an 8oz bottle
Color: $5 for a 2oz tube

Reusable gloves: 2 pack for $0.99

 Thats $12.00 so far you wont have to buy all the tools after you get them the first time.
However, I suggest buying more than one tube of color so you can get color dimension and create a color thats right for you. I usually use about 3 colors which is still only $15 for the color.
I usually stick to Ion Color Brilliance creme' color as I have never had a time where the color didnt turn out how I wanted it to. There are hair swatches with each color they have you just need to match up the swatch with the tube of color. If you are attempting to go lighter, I would honestly go to a salon as everyone's hair lifts differently and your stylist will know whats best for your hair type.
I suggest only coloring your hair yourself if you are depositing color (staying at the same shade or going darker)
When mixing colors, stay within 2 levels of each other. The swatches/colors are on levels 1-10. If you want an auburn color choose a level 7red with a level 6-8brown. This might sound confusing but its much less intimidating once you are at the store with the swatches in your hand.

Once you choose your color:

I hope this helps alot of you out! If you ever have questions feel free to email me! If you are weary of coloring your own hair you can always start out with a semi-permanent color and when you are more comfortable move to permanent color. Most color brands will come in both semi and permanent, just look for the label!
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