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Friday's Letters and some other matters

First off, I got such a positive response from my new blog layout yesterday and quite a few people want some help with their blogs....I'd LOVE to help you all! The past few weeks Ive been seeing how much people charge for blog designs and to be honest, I would never pay 100$ for someone to make my blog pretty. Which is why I want to get some input on how much you would pay? Obviously I want you to keep your arm and leg and have your blog look good at the same time so give me your input! How much would you think is fair for a new header, button, sidebar titles, and entire blog makeover?!

Second, (why am I back in third grade english...next up is the thesis in my essay?)

Dear Husband, I miss you. Here is what I miss most: *rolls out scroll*
The fact that you get as much joy out of stuffing your face as I do.
Trips to Elephant Bar where the waitresses know us so well, they bring us free drinks.
Stumbling around the mall afterwards, buying everything we want because we are too tipsy to give it a second thought.
How thoughtful you are. You always make sure I am happy before you think about yourself....Unless of course you are playing Star Wars in computer land where I no longer exist. But its okay because I bought you that game and it makes me happy to see how much you love. Just dont get mad if the game goes missing next time you visit :)
Having you text me from the other room to bring you your Star Wars code key.

Dear self, thanks for being so awesome at hair without the help of Paul Mitchell. Im so happy I left your stupid poopid school and can do all the amazing things I knew how to do before I went there.
Cut, color, and braided goodness by me :)

Dear brothers, thank you for being so fun and nuts. I enjoy listening to you two discuss things when you think no one is listening. For example, I heard you talking about "steaming hot babes with big money" on the way to KINDERGARTEN yesterday. It's also entertaining to hear you tell mom that her thighs are big like drums, even though she is tiny. Please stop using the lightsabers I bought you like this, before someone loses a peep.

Dear Santa aka Mom, thanks for bringing the brothers Guinea Pigs for Christmas. Although they could care less about holding them all the time or cleaning out the cage, I take joy in calling these new critters my babies :) They also make good neck warmers while I spend all day online.

Dear iPhone, I know how much crap I talked about you in the past, when hubby and I would have Droid vs iPhone wars. Im so happy I finally got you and switched over to the dark side. Thank you for sending Siri my new assistant. Its nice to talk and talk and talk out loud while she types the text messages for me :)

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