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Friday's Letters :)

Dear Husband,
"dont cha wish your husband was hot like mine... dont cha?"
Just had to sing that. I dont take it back.
Thank you for sending me this picture so I could wake up to it first thing this morning :)
Can we live together yet? Like seriously. I miss everything about you and Im over all this army distance. Do I have to write a mean letter to someone high up to get to see you or what? But seriously. I love and miss you goofbutt.

Not a letter. Just look at my new BEAR shirt :) Mama...bear...yep.

Dear Bonlook, Im super excited to get my glasses in the mail. However, 5 to 8 business days is way too long to make someone to wait to see properly. I hope you look cute on my face because my face hates glasses of any kind and its so hard to find the right fit.

Photoshopped these glasses on my face. Does everyone think they will look okay? Although I absolutely LOVE Tina Fey, I do not want to look like her.

Dear brothers, you were super whiney this week. Arent 5 years olds supposed to be extra tough?
Thanks for running away anytime I try to kiss you. I feel the love. I promise I dont have cooties.

Dear hubby's new ring,
Please fit hubby. You should arrive on his doorstep...do barracks have doorsteps...tomorrow and if you dont fit I will throw you into the ocean like Rose did with her blue necklace on Titanic.
Or he could just get it sized but that sounds much less dramatic.

Dear Pinterest,
I found the most amazing treasure today on your site.
I seriously cannot stop laughing at this.

Dear everyone,
If you are looking for a blog makeover, take a peek at the Custom layout tab up top!
I just added my newest layouts that I have done. Let me know what you think and if you are interested!

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