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Fridays Letters


Dear Hubby, congratulations for doing so amazing on your first training test!
I knew you would do great but 100%?! Wooo Hooo! You are amazing at literally everything
and anything you do. I am super nervous to hear where we will be moving
but even if its in BFE it wont matter because at least we will be together!
(everyone now, "awwwwww")

Lil Wayne, Thanks for always putting me in such a good mood.
No matter how tired/annoyed/upset I am, I know that all the 'backing my ass up' in the car,
music and bass blaring, and you rapping sweet nothings into my ears will brighten my day :)

Tornado that hit behind our house last night, why were we the only house you hit?
(See above yard picture) You literally tore our entire grapefruit tree out of the ground and theres not a single trace of the tree, just grapefruits all over.
You made my mom run around the house thinking aliens had landed in our backyard.
Why were we singled out?

Bonlook, thanks for making such amazing glasses that finally fit my face.
I always have the hardest time finding glasses and on my first try with your company,
they came out better than I could have hoped :) Hubby realllllllllly likes them too!

Dear hubby again, you are hot :)

Dear Pinterest, I wish you had a button to "make it happen."
So when I find an amazing hairstyle I love or a really cute outfit I could just hit the "make it happen" and be the hottest girl ever in the nicest clothes. Seriously, make it happen though.

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