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The many hairstyles of Mama Bear.

Hubby and I have called each other Mama Bear and Papa Bear since we were 16.
I know you just threw up in your mouth a little bit.
But we like it and now you just learned something for the day...
go ahead! pat yourself on the back!

Onto more important issues.
I am notorious for changing my hair, even before hair school.
Ive gone from black, to red, to brown, to copper, to cutting my hair asymmetrical, to having a faux hawk, to growing it out, to brown, to blonde.

Now ladies, I am at a dilemma.
My birthday is in a few weeks and hubby said to go get my hair did.
I dont know what to do next as far as color goes.
I am growing this hair out for once in my life as it has never been more than a few inches past my shoulders. Its in that middle stage and although I am DYING to take the scissors to it but then all this Biotin and vitamins Ive been taking will be for nothing.

Give me some ideas! What color do you think will look best on my creeper face :)
See, look at that creep!

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