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Christmas Eve 2011, after a long day of fun at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (we are complete nerds), hubby decides to be a sneaky sneakster and ask me to go out and pick up dinner.
As I am roaming the isles of Target I am completely oblivious to the amazingness that is waiting for me at home! As I walk up to the apartment, I notice hubby's car is gone and there is a note on the door...not just any note...A CLUE. This was the first clue in my upcoming 2 hour scavenger hunt around town. Every clue rhymed and made me nervously laugh because I honestly had no idea what would be waiting for me at the end.

What are these genius clues you ask, that would make Dr. Seuss roll over in his grave?

As I headed to the tree there was a new stocking ornament and I picked it up and felt nothing inside so of course, I throw it on the table. The ring falls out onto the floor and I scream YES!!!! Hubby never even had a chance, did he? And like any good wife who ruins surprises, a few days later I proceeded to ask why he never got on one knee and confessed his undying love to me. :)

Here is the ring I fell in love with
a 14k white gold 3 stone ring with a center 1.5k diamond.
I know what horrible rap song just popped into your head...
"everytime I come around your city, bling blinggg"
I think its perfect and never give up the opportunity to show it off

I am showing off and linking up here

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