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Need a new blog design?

Go to http://whiskeytangofoxtrotdesigns.blogspot.com for my updated portfolio and pricing!

I am currently taking orders for people who need to give their blog a makeover!
I will work with you to create a layout that you love and walk you through each step in the design process to ensure you are 100% happy with your design.
I'd love to help you gain more followers with a layout that will help your blog look more professional looking and enjoyable to read.

"If your looking for some help with your blog or needing a make over don't wait, head over to WTF and she will take care of you!!!!!!" --All Because Two People Fell in Love

"Did ya take a look at the new blog design! Total makeover right? we went from old an crowded- gloomy blog to a Super cute I can stare at it all day blog design! AANNND I owe it all to Kristen this girl is a doll to work with! Thank you Soo much! You're the best!"--Always Kiss Me Goodnight

"She is seriously so amazing, so easy to work with, and created exactly what I was looking for.
If you're ever in the market for a new blog design, visit her." --These Are The Moments

Email me at Krisgym88@yahooDOTcom to get started!


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