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Say what?!

So there I am, walking my dog, minding my own business when some lady yells out "THATS NOT A PUGGLE, THATS A PIGGLE, hahaha"
uhm. Say what?!
First of all, she had puppies last year and hasnt lost her baby fat yet.
Second of all, would you like me to yell across the street "THATS NOT A LADY, THATS AN ELEPHANT" no you would not.
look how cute her puppies were!

Hubby did the sweetest thing ever since he is the sweetest hubby ever :)
I got a mysterious brown box in the mail yesterday and he let me open it a week before my birthday.
Can you guess what it was?
Of course not, because no one would ever guess this, nor would anyone think this was even possible.
M&Ms with our picture on them, (the right picture) in my three favorite colors!
Say what?!
They even say "love Monster"(our puggle, not piggle)
I cant wait to NEVER EAT any of them, but I want to put them in a glass jar at
our new place to keep foreverrrrrrrr
Speaking of new place......
We should get his orders next week.....
Say what?!
It scares the crap out of me knowing where our first home will be with the military.
Pray that its somewhere amazing and not somewhere like Utah or Alaska.
And also pray he doesnt get deployed any time soon...or EVER.

P.s. I got my new glasses from Bonlook finalllyyyy.
I hear a photoshoot coming up, but for now heres a poopy iPhone picture
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