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Surprise for the Hubby

We have never ever ever been a couple who does anything crazy on Valentines day.
Usually we will go to dinner the night before to beat the rush and couples making out at Olive Garden, barf.
This year I wanted to surprise the Hubby with a few little things that I know he will love :)
There is a tin full of Valentines zebra cakes, reeses cups, Tim Mcgraw cologne....have you ever smelled it? Time Mcgraw is the best smelling man on earth apparently and now hubby can be too, cookies and creme chocolate, hubby's favorite gum, valentine kisses, teddy bear chocolate for my 'papa bear'...clever I know...some fake sushi because our favorite restaurant has the best sushi, and a new wedding ring that I picked up yesterday because his was a little too small.
I covered everything in super cheesy rose petals :)
Topped off with something extra cheesy :)

I cant wait to see his face on Skype when he opens it!
What are you doing for your hubby on Valentines day?

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