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Updates? Swap time? Okay.


Hubby's surprise box of goodies FINALLY got to him.
I was too excited for him to open it that I forgot to take pictures of his smiling face :)
The super duper amazing wedding band I sent him FIT *hallelujah*
and all the candy and other goodies have probably been eaten by now.

I feel like I havent posted in a zillion years(2 days) but after my last post I have had several blog design requests which makes me super happy/super busy!
 Finally figuring out how to balance everything so Im bacccckkkkkkkkk :)
Here's a blog I did yesterday for Dani over at Little Spindle

Be sure to go check her out!

See all those little bloggy buttons on the right column? Well next week those will all be taken down and cleared for the month of February! If you would like to have your blog button over there, shoot me an email and I would love to swap buttons with you :)
I am planning on having everyone do a guest post to introduce themselves and trying to plan out some other goodies for the month of February becauseeeeeee......


Now heres the cutest picture in the entire world.

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