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Birthday surprises!

Yesterday was my birthday,
I won a blog design program giveaway, my mom took me shopping,
and although Hubby wasnt here he still spoiled me like crazyyy!

I have been wanting this Star Wars canvas for over a year now.
We used to go to Downtown Disney every weekend and drool over it.
Its part of a collectors edition and I cant wait to get it put on a frame and hang it up in our new place!

My mom, sister, and I went shopping and to Panera for lunch.

When I got home, there were flowers(tulips and lillies) and chocolate covered strawberries(my favorite) waiting for me from Hubby! Is he perfect or what?

And we ended the day with Reeses ice cream cake and
watched tv online with the Hubby until I fell asleep.

Dont forget to link up Wednesday/Thursday for the February Photo Challenge!
And if you want a new design, I am dying to try out this design program!!

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