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For my MilSpouses:

I have been wanting to do this for a while now, and Im hoping my fellow military wives will participate! The first book I read while my husband was in bootcamp, was Separated by Duty, United in Love.

"Addressing head-on the challenges of long-distance relationships with frank, practical advice and anecdotes, Separated by Duty, United in Love is perfect for military couples. It includes the answers and resources they need to meet the greatest challenge any relationship can face. With understanding born from over 20 years' experience as a military wife, author Shellie Vandevoorde tackles the tough issues from dealing with the struggle of being a single parent to infidelity, real or imagined. As divorce rates rise in the armed forces (the divorce rate among officers in the US Army tripled from 2001 to 2004) Separated by Duty, United in Love provides a practical hands-on guide that can help couples in every branch of the service."

It was a great book to put me in the right mindset while he is gone. It really covered every topic I had been worried or unsure about and I felt much more at ease afterward.
So where am I going with this? Well I want to do a 'book-pass-along' if you will.
I am going to mail this book to Whitney @ Everything Happens for a Reason and once she is done,
I will give her the name and address of the next military wife in line.
If you would like to be a part of this, just email me @krisgym88ATyahooDOTcom!

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