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Guest post and an amazing story!

Hi there, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot readers! I'm Nicole, from Running in Heels.
I'm so delighted to be here today, all thanks to Kristen for a very special reason.
Over on my blog, I've always talked about the many reason why I run. It's something I've done since I was a pre-teenage girl in middle school. Over the years, it's become one of my most favorite passions in life. But this year that passion takes on a whole new meaning. It takes on the meaning of a human life, a girl, abandoned, and now loved.
Her story gives reason to my running. Her name is Arya, and she was abandoned the day she was born. She was the sixth girl born into a family weighed down by extreme poverty. Such hopelessness pushed her parents to make a desperate decision: they put their newborn baby girl in the garbage dump, and walked away.
Arya is now 20 years old. She lives in India with her As Our Own family and is pursuing her college degree. In just three short months I will be running in the Eugene Half Marathon as part of I WILL RUN to raise funds for Arya & her college tuition. 
Which brings me to you.
I have a special going on over at my blog right now - sponsorships are starting at $5/month with all proceeds going directly to Arya. And to extend your sponsorship to two months, all you have to do is share this cause & Arya's story on your blog! You'll then receive two months for the donation price of one.
It's that easy - and it can change Arya's story. Together, we can impact her life more than we can even imagine. If her story are tugging on your heart, I invite you to head over to my blog and click the "sponsorship" button. There you will find all the information you need!
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