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Meet My February Sponsors!


Life and Times of the Intelligent Blonde
"The thing I am most looking forward to on V-Day?
The candy! Besides Halloween, this is the best time of year for candy-lovers, like me!"

Dreaming en Francais
"I'm most looking forward to just spending time with the boyfriend,
embracing our inner dorks and exchanging cheesy little gifts!"

Feels Like Home
"I am really looking forward to this years Valentines Day because this is the first year I have a husband to celebrate with this and my awesome husband (feels awesome to say husband) has a secret reservation for us--dinner---hotel---vacation....hhmmm..."

The Musings of Lil Moo Moo
"Going all out buying candy and making treats for my hubby,
as well as spending time with him because as an Army Wife,
 I know he may not always be home for fun holidays like Valentine's Day!!"
Leaving my Mark
"My mom always sends me flowers on Valentines Day,
so I'm looking forward to surprising her and sending her flowers this year!"

These Are the Moments
"For Valentines Day I am most looking forward to spending quality time with my Fiance.
Life these days have been extra busy due to work, coaching, and wedding planning,
sometimes we miss the days of quiet alone time. Whatever we do, small or big, I'll be
more than happy just being with him :)"

Hope Squared
"Spending time with the boy; receiving gerbera daisies, dining on chicken wings,
and tons of couch snuggles."

The Magnolia Pair
"What I am looking forward to most on Valentine's day is a reason to go to nice restaraunt woth my husband. We don't go out to eat at fancy places unless it's a special occasion. Also, my husband is known to draw/paint me something for Valentine's Day, so I can't wait to see what it !"

A Beautiful Feather
"I love the surprises that my husband gives me on every valentines day...
I'm looking forward to it."

Lemon Trees and Bumblebees
"I am most looking forward to spending the day with my husband
 followed by a romantic dinner for two that we're cooking together :)"

Life as a Young Mom
"One thing I'm looking forward to is spending a romantic weekend getaway with my husband."
Running in Heels
"This Valentine's Day, I'm most looking forward to all the love that everyone's not afraid of sharing. It gives us an excuse to give an extra hug, smile a little more, and share candy with those around us. Who says you need a significant other to love on someone else this Valentine's Day? Not me!"

As We Grow
"One thing that I am looking forward to on Valentines Day, is spending it with my husband and son! It is also the last day before my baby turns 1!!!"

Petchies Blog Book
"Valentines Day: I can't wait to see the movie, the Vow with my fiance this Valentines Day!"

Everything Happens for a Reason
"I'm looking forward to everything being pink, since it is my favorite color. Also, I'm looking forward to dressing up and eating at mine and hubby's favorite fancy restaurant."

Little Spindle
"I can't wait to fill the big day of love with cuddles and chocolate!"

They Call Her Meghan
"The thing that I'm most looking forward to this Valentine's Day is being able to watch all the sappy romance movies without having to explain why I'm watching them, I'm a hopeless romantic can't you tell?"
This Thought Process
"i'm pretty excited to be spending my valentine's with my valentine,
i have some special surprises planned for him!"

"This year its my turn to plan valentines day! My husband took last year,
and we've decided we're going to switch of planning.
We both like surprising each other, so this way we each get a chance to keep the other on their toes"

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