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Fridays Letters, Brothers Edition.

 I have had my brothers all week since they are on spring break.
They deserve letters...and a timeout.

Dear brothers,
I am sad you would not invite me to your imaginary sleepover.
I overheard you pretending to be Darth Maul and Darth Vader,
handing out sleepover invitations to everyone on the Dark side. When I asked if I could come,
you simple said "darkside only" and walked away. :/

I am happy you are finally old enough to understand the amazingness that is Tim Burton.
You found it so amazing that you made me watch Corpse Bride with you three times this week.
Guess what, that is fine by me.

I appreciate how you love Monster just as much as I do,
but I do not appreciate that you love her more than me.
When I asked if you would be sad that I was moving away,
you both responded with "OMG IS MONSTER LEAVING?!"

How is this comfortable, first of all, and second of all, how is it even possible to play like this?
You sat like this for almost an hour...I am still confused.

We went for a trip to Toys R Us today and I had no doubt in my mind that we would end up leaving the place with no toys in hand, and tears pouring down all 3 of our faces.
You were amazingly, AMAZING. You even let me go to Marshalls and behaved while I looked around. I am upset that you didnt get one of these Adventure Time toys, that I was WAY more excited about than you were. Tisk Tisk.

I cant believe you guys went swimming yesterday in the freezing pool.
But it was totally worth it when I asked if you wanted to take a hot bath and you both said "I want hot BABES" and then once you were in the bathtub, you were discussing how your peeps were now warm like a campfire. What goes on in your heads, scares me.
I am sad you wont be home to keep me company everyday.
 And I am amazed at how well you behaved.
Silly boys.



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