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Fridays Letters

Dear Hubby,
Its so nice to be married to someone who loves Harry Potter as much as I do.
I miss watching all the movies and quoting from them with you,
all day errrday. I miss anything with you.

Dear Brothers,
Last night while you were supposed to be asleep, I heard whispers coming from your room.
I was happy I had the camera ready to capture you saying "dont tell daddy!"
and then you proceeded to tell me its spring break so trashing our closet is okay.

Dear Hair,
Thank you for allowing me to cut bangs and coming out great. Hubby is in love with it.
What do you guys think?

Dear Draw Something,
Thank you for allowing me to brush up on my drawing skills.
Exhibit A: Roadkill.

Dear Brothers,
This is not the proper use of a rocking chair.

Dear beautiful, beautiful car,
Im sorry I had to sell you yesterday. I will be thinking of you always while I drive our new car in Germany. But it will never be as good as you were.


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