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Sponsors Part 1


I don't take myself seriously. i'm pretty sure that is the first thing you would notice when you visit my blog. i am also not fashionable. i am not crafty. all things i pretend to beā€¦but i am not. but my saving grace is that i am hilarious. so that works for me. i spend my days building buildings [nbd] and nights watching dvr, participating in mug night, and studying to rule the world. come on over. i am pretty sure you will like me. if you don't think i am hilarious, i will at least make you feel better about yourself. My Blog

Hey Everyone! I'm Holly and I blog over at These are the Moments
I'm a twenty something engaged gal planning the wedding of my dreams. Which sometimes (ok, lots of times) causes me stress. I'm addicted to pinterest, I'm a quote junkie, I live for sports, I like to dance, and I LOVE to smile. Come by, say hi, and stay awhile :)
Hey Whiskey Tango Foxtrot readers, I'm Kaylee from All Things Bright and Beautiful. Just to let you know a little about me: I am a newly engaged twenty something who just writes about what is on her mind, whether it's funny, snarky, serious or just plain random (mostly, I am random). Hop on over and let's get to know each other because I am so excited to meet you!
Hi! My name is Libby, I'm a mom to 2 girls and a wife to a hunky man ;). I had my first daughter at a younger age (22) so I had to grow up fast! My blog is simply little snapshots of my life, adventures, learning experiences and anything else interesting (at least to me =P) that might come up. Feel free to stop by & say hi!

My name is Anna! A future teacher {3 semesters left}, friend, daughter, sister, and girlfriend. A sweet southern mess that loves everything things yummy, crafty, and glittery.

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