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Sponsors Part 2

So here is the down low, my name is Emily, Im from Canada, eh! I married the boy I stalked in the college library. We married on a beautiful, sunny, and windy, beach in Cuba. Life is sweet. Hang out for a bit, over at Hope Squared!

My real name is long. Alexandria LOONNGG... so I was given a nickname at birth MIKI. Now I don't even respond to my real name. I love Howard Stern. I want a french bulldog I am addicted to reality TV I love to blog over at Becoming What I Always Was..

Hey there I am Carisa over at bunnies and pearls! I am an accountant by day and blogger by night. I am utilizing my time as a recent college grad to get better at cooking, sewing and crafting!! Come check out my blog to get some great recipes and tutorials and also to see cute pics of my bunny Cotton!!

Hey! I'm Gillian from This Blogg and I recently started in the blogging world in October. I love making lists, fashion, furry animals, anything random and funny, Snoopy and painting finger nails. I've always wanted to create a blog that girls like me can enjoy when they get a few minutes to rest.

 My name is Whitney and I blog at Everything Happens For a Reason (http://southernbelle23.blogspot.com). Everything Happens For a Reason is my life motto. My blog is basically a virtual journal of my life. I am a southern girl married to a California boy, who happens to be a soldier. We are newlyweds, who got married this June 11, 2011. I usually post about my life with my hubby and our dogs.
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