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Ive been a bad blogger lately I know.
But think of it this way...I will have so many amazing pictures and adventure stories
once Hubby gets home, so you guys need some time to rest your brains for right now.
Sound good?

We had a crazy stupid last minute issue with my passport,
so cross your fingers I get it in time. 4 weeks.
It will happen. Right? Right. Right?

Movers come soon to take my beautiful beloved clothes away,
and they wont arrive to us for about a month after we are there.
But I hear H&M is on every corner in Germany...DARN :)

I hope everything is good with you guys and that you dont decide to run away from
WTF before we start to go on crazy adventures and tell stories about us
washing our trash everynight(this is a real thing we have to do over there)
and going to Disneyland in Paris :) :) :)

But I will continue to stress every minute of every day until my butt crosses the German border
and we are on the way to our hotel on base.
(p.s. we will be living in a hotel for a month until housing is available...I wont have to clean or cook...hey ohhhh)


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