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U.S. vs Germany


So with time flying by, I figured I need to preparing myself for what to expect overseas.
I have compiled a list to share with you guys of the stuff I found most different.

-Sundays are a day of rest. No working and all shops are closed.
-Lunch is 2 hours at most places and naps are encouraged.
-Germans believe in working to live, not living to work.
-Everything closes at about 8pm every night.
-Drinking age is 18 for hard liquor, 16 for beer and wine.
-McDonald's serves beer in Germany, wine in France.
-Blue collar workers have beer with lunch (written into their contract).
-Gas is rationed on gas cards. If you go over your amount, gas costs almost 10$ a gallon.
-Almost all cars are manual
-You seat yourself at all restaraunts
-Credit cards are not accepted at most places.
-Everyone pays with Euros and there is no such thing as personal checks.
-Church weddings are not legal. You  must go to a courthouse.
-Lots of nudity on TV and movies. Movies for kids over age 6 can have nudity.
-Prostitution is legal and there are several red light districts.
-Germans usually call each other by their last names.
-Not eating all your food is impolite.
-Christmas is celebrated on the 25th and 26th, although kids open presents on the 24th.
-Drinking tap water is frowned upon and ice cubes are rarely used.
-Germans dont believe in spoiling their meal with a bland drink, always go with beer or wine!
-Dogs are allowed in restaraunts and most stores. They LOVE dogs.
-Germans sort their trash into SEVERAL containers and wash everything before throwing it away.
If you dont, you will be fined.

What do you guys think? Could you handle it?! Some things I am excited about...like nap time and taking Monster everywhere. I also cant complain about drinking wine with every meal :)
But no credit cards and no shopping on Sundays?!


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