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What I Snagged up

Seeing as how I have lived in Florida my whole life...
Seeing as how I only own 1 legit coat and a few scarves...
Seeing as how I wear Toms and sandals everyday...
Seeing as how I also have a closet full of tank tops, shorts, bikinis...
Seeing as how this will not work living in Germany where it snows alot...
I went shopping :) and I love bragging about amazing deals.
Seriously, I LOVE bragging about them.

First up, Forever21.com I scored all of this for 50$
The coat was originally 50$ on its own.

Amazon.com! This adorable coat for 30$ on sale from 90$

Lauren Conrad boots, originally over 100$ I got them for 20$ at Kohls
in black and brown :)

Whawhatttttt?! If you have any amazing deals to share with me as far as outwear/winter clothing goes, let me know asap so I can snag everything up :)

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