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Another suck-date (update)

I just dropped hubby off at the airport this morning :( It sucked to think I should be on that plane with him and Monster, BUT it is a good thing I wasnt able to...
First of all, We got her there all ready to go and I drove off, well hubby calls 5 minutes later saying since Monster is part Pug, she is not allowed to fly.
Delta of course didnt say anything about it when I made the reservation and clearly told them she was a Pug mix. Of course. So I turned around and brought her home with me. She will be staying with my mom until I can find an airline that will take her. But all my research has been showing that like 200 pugs have died in the past few years from not being able to breathe with their cutey pug noses on airplanes.
Second of all, Hubby called after his first flight and said it was horrible/turbulent and that 6 people threw up. I am SO happy Monster didnt have to go through that. I couldnt imagine going through that sitting in the cabin of the plane, let alone in the dark cargo section where she would have been.

So now its a waiting game for me to get my passport. As soon as it comes in I can make my reservation and be on my way.

To lighten the mood, my smarty pants brother said "D should have joined the circus instead of the Army, because he can do cool magic tricks already and they would let Monster go along."

I totally agree. 100%.

and my other awesome brother said "Its a good thing Im home because I know how to make Monster happy, and she can just live here and be happy all the time."


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