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Crazy Things my Brothers Say


Mason: *after running out of the garage screaming* Theres a lady in the garage!!!
Me: What does she look like?
Mason: She has a machine on her back that makes her invisible and quiet.
Me: What did she say to you?
Mason: She said she will kill you if you go in the garage...
Me: ....................
Mason: Its an old lady in a jetpack!
(Im terrified and refuse to go in our garage ever again)

While doing their Kindergarten homework, the assignment was to write a few sentences about their favorite zoo animal. When my mom went to check on them, Mason wrote "Im sexy and I know it."

Max: I gotta pee like a bullpig in a bathtub!

Mason: Lets call Kristen "pees often"
Max: Lets call mommy "poops often"
Mason: Morgan is always in her room so lets call her "stays in her bedroom often"
Max: And daddy can be "wrinkles often"
Mason: Hes the captain of the wrinkle parade!!


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