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Fridays Letters-Instagram



Dear Hubby,
I miss you and your tan lines from your uniform. I hope I get to be reunited with them soon.

Dear Hubby's sister,
Thanks for letting me such a creep and not judging me. Also, dont tell your mom I taught you how to make fart noises with your mouth yesterday.

Dear Blog,
I will try to stop changing you so much. I just dont ever like how you look. But I do like how THIS blog I did came out yesterday. Who wants their blog to get a makeover?!


Dear Monster,
Im sorry you cant come to Germany and eat pretzels with us, YET. But I promise you will be over there next year. Im also happy you got to be reunited with one of your puppies

Dear Brothers,
Just because I put you in time out last night, does not give you the right to scream "YOU HATE USSSSS" over and over. I do not hate you, I just hate when you come home from school acting like you just ate 4 bags of sugar.

Dear passport,
Get here soon please. Hubby is not having fun without me and having to fill out too much paperwork on his own. Quit 'farting on our day.'
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