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"fridays letters" on Wednesday


I wont be able to partake in my favorite blog link up Friday, so
I decided to post it today while I have the chance because
Guess who will be on a flight home to see me Friday? :) :)

I have so much to get done but of course Im putting those off for now
to do more important things...ie: Pinterest, blog designs, and Twitter.
The movers will be here the day before our flight and our stuff wont
arrive overseas until July! So much for one month without our stuff--
Now its two months! eeek.
Thank god for space bags. I fit SO many clothes in this suitcase.
Like 2 months worth of clothes, but you would never guess.

Dear little Monster butt, your final vet appointment is Monday and
I hope we get something to take the edge off during the flight.
19 hours in cargo is not fair :( Sorry monster :( It will be worth it!

Dear Hunger Games, I hope you are enjoyable.
I am going to be reading all three of the books on our crazy long flight.

Dear tanning bed, thanks for relaxing me almost everyday this week and helping me look extra hot for the Hubby. I will miss you!

Dear friends, My next post will be next Monday hopefully and full of pictures of our Orlando adventure at Disney/our favorite places before the big move!
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