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The Life of the Wife!

Helloooo all you adorable people! I'm beyond THRILLED Kristen asked me to guest post for her. In the last couple of months I have really gotten to know (and ADORE) Miss Kristen. She is full of life, super duper funny, and just SO SO SWEET. I'm tellin' ya--it's not that often that I just instantly like someone..but she managed to do it! 
Ok, ok..moving on...I'm Jenna, and I blog over at The Life of the Wife. I am a new Mama, sarcasm director and wife to my cute hubby. I love that I get to I talk about my life, my passion for beauty/makeup, and just about anything that pops into my head! 
I think I'm pretty funny (my hubby might beg to differ)!!
Kristen and I thought it would be fun for me to share with y'all.....
The Best Place I've Ever Been!
(well ONE of them anyway)
Honolulu, Hawaii 
I thought I loved Hawaii simply because we were on our honeymoon, but we went back this year, and I still loved it just as much! Hawaii is where it's at, I tell ya. If you've never been, you should honestly make it a MUST DO on your bucket list. The first time we went, we were just SMITTEN with everything. We did a bunch of different hikes, and soaked up the scenery everywhere. 
Hawaii Vacation
We went to Hanauma Bay & snorkled, then found our own private beach, and body surfed all day. I also BURIED my hubby in the sand--which was amazingly fun for me! :) Hanauma Bay
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There was a beautiful river by our condo that you could canoe down!
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Apparently I was really proud of myself for hiking the Volcano.
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Description of Photo I thought I had some pretty good Sushi in the states, but then I had some in Hawaii and it blew my mind! It is seriously FRESH & AMAAAAZING!! 
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Next time, we want to go to a different island, just to experience there too, but for our first time in Hawaii, this was PERFECT!! 
Some of my favorite places to go if you ever go to Waikiki:
Hanauma Bay - Snorkeling
North Shore - Swimming/Boogieboarding/Surfing
Leahi (Diamond Head) - Hiking
Haleiwa Joes - BEST FOOD!
Matsumoto - Best Shaved Ice
Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail - Hiking (the most beautiful views of EVERYWHERE)
So there you have it...one of the BEST places I've ever been! I want to go RIGHT NOW... in fact... Honey? Let's go to Hawaii! :)
I hope you stop on over by my blog and say Hi (or Aloha)! I would love to meet ya! Jenna, The Wife
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