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On a Mission.


After a week of "processing", today I am determined to figure out where the hell my passport is. As of last Tuesday it was supposedly processing. I call today to figure out if it has shipped and when I would receive it. When I call, the guy who I have been harassing for 3 weeks answers and tells me I have to call this other phone number. Uhmmmmm, shouldnt you have given me this mystery phone number the first time I called and flipped out? Or when my husband had to call and rip you a new one?
I call this number and its the Pentagon...uhm...what.
I explain I need a status check and once again Im fed the same b.s. that I need to have my passport agent call and get the status and they would not give it to me. So I find the email address linked to this phone number and have sent two emails in the past hour. I refuse to go another day with no answers. Refuse.
And of course its the one day my passport agent on base wont get back to me. Usually she emails back right away but its been 2 hours and Im beyond the point of being willing to wait anymore.
You would think since this is a passport for military, they would be on top of their game, when its the exact opposite. No one knows what they are doing. I keep being fed the same bullcrap lines. No one will help and Ive been patient enough. Im on my husbands orders. Is that not enough?
One representative had the nerve to say since I am not the soldier that I dont matter. That as a civilian, its not that important to get this process rushed. Neat.
I am going to keep calling and flipping out on everyone who wont give me an answer today.
Seriously, how hard is it to type my name, birthday, and social into a computer and simply say "its processing" or "its been shipped."
Who has a relative that works for the government and can help me out? Whats the most frustrating is that I literally cant do anything to help myself in this situation. Nothingggggg.
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