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All Things Bright and Beautiful!

While Im in town this weekend, the beautiful Kaylee from All Things Bright and Beautiful will be taking my place. She is amazing/hilarious/gorgeous/you need to know her asap. She is also getting married this weekend and I am SO excited and happy for her!!!

I’m Kaylee from All Things Bright and Beautiful and the lovely, super talented, oh so bohemian Kristen asked me to guest post for her. I know. I crapped my pants when she asked. I don’t know if she knows, this, but I am mildly obsessed with her. And by that, I mean she will realize I am in her suitcase typing this out when she arrives to Germany and I jump out all excited for our new adventures.
Annnnyyyyhooooooooo…. back to the guest post. And about me. Since I am getting married this month (May 19th!!!) Kristen wanted me to share about how I met my hubby, the King. Let me clarify. Yes, his name is King. Middle name Benjamin. Last name Gwyn. King Benjamin Gwyn. There is A LOT of confusion at the doctor’s office, such as, “Is Ms. Gwyn King here? Ms. King?!.... Ohhh, you’re a man. And you last name is a girl’s name. Oh, and your first name is a last name. Let me fix that.” So, I lovingly refer to him as “the King,” which makes for fun references to “The King and I.” If you show up to our wedding on the 19th, you may see a lot of Royal Wedding inspired themes. Yeah, he totally picked the right girl to execute his name to the fullest. You can now refer to me as Queen Benjamin Gwyn.
Back to what I was saying before (I get off on a lot of tangents), about how we met. It’s actually a funny story. I kind of dated his older brother. Kind of. I moved to Orlando from Tallahassee and Spencer (the “other brother”) was one of my first friends. He was cute and fun. Ladies LOVE him. *Side note, I’d be happy to hook any lady up with him. He really is a catch… just not my catch. Email me for more details.* He was celebrating his birthday week and picked me up on his motorcycle (my first ride ever) to go shoot pool with some friends in downtown. I remember seeing the King there, but we didn’t have really any interaction other than the King offering me his motorcycle helmet at the end of the night *cue the “awwwwwwwwwwws”* The King and I (tee hee hee) went to the same church and I remember telling my friend that Spencer was cool, but his brother was more my type. She told me that I needed to drop Spencer like he was hot so I could move onto the King. I was really nervous about it, but I did. I did feel horrible about it, but hey, whatevs.
I started forcing the King to talk to me. I did this by literally going up to him every time I saw him and carried on a conversation that I am sure he wanted to get out of. I kept bugging him about teaching me how to longboard (the skating kind) and finally he caved and did. We went to a parking garage in downtown. After I slammed into a cement pillar, he decided we should do something safer, like walk around Lake Eola in downtown. So we did. And we talked for hours. Then we were pretty much inseparable.
Our relationship is far far FAR from perfect, but it has been magical and amazing. We have been together for 2 years now and I know more than anything that the King is exactly who I need to be with. He puts up with my random crap and my super silliness. I love him tons and he loves me.
As for Spencer? Well, he’s going to make a great uncle and brother-in-law. We just might have to keep our little dating secret from the kids. Could be weird. Also, he is totally available. Inquires taken within.
So, come on over and join the King and I in our adventures as newlyweds to find all things bright and beautiful. I promise you’ll love it, or your money back.
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