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Fridays Letters-Travel edition

Dear Passport,
Thanks for finally getting here! Be ready to have all your pages filled up.

Dear plane outfit that I have had picked out for a month now,
I was informed my flights and layovers will equal 27 hours...yes 27 hours to get to my husband. There is no way I can wear boots for that long, so today I am treating myself to a shoe shopping day.

Dear Monstey Monster butt,
Im gonna miss spooning you everynight and waking up with your butt on my pillow. Morgan and Max promise to keep you super extra happy until I can come back and bring you to Germany.

Dear Hubby,
Only a couple more days and we will be doing this. I saw this picture yesterday for the first time and its officially my favorite picture ever. Its after I ran out onto the field, and into the middle of formation at Hubbys BCT graduation. Army rules dont apply to me after I havent seen my husband in a couple months.

Dear Bloggy friends in need of a new layout,
I cant wait to start promoting my designs more and having a ton of time to help you all out!
I whipped out two designs yesterday and they each only took a couple hours...who needs a new layout in a few weeks?! p.s.Shellsea is amazing at painting and opening an Etsy shop soon, taking custom orders. Be prepared for some promotion on this here blog like crazy. I am also having a post tomorrow for a few other Etsy shops you  need to check out!

Dear 27 hour plane scariness adventure,
I have never flown alone. Nor have I had a 10 hour layover before.
Nor have I ever been out of the country before. Please be nice to me and be an easy day. I want to get off that plane screaming "I am woman here me roar!" Lets do this thing.



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