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No worries.


 Hubby says this to me alllll the time. "Theres no reason in stressing over it, because thats not going to solve the problem, is it?" So no more passport stressing. It will get here, when it gets here. I have honestly done everything I could to try and hurry up the process, and I keep getting no where. If I would have gotten it on time, I would be in a hotel with my husband, paying 1400$ a week until our house was available. I should have my passport next week they said, which means I should be able to leave the 14th and that is the week our housing will be available! Think about how much money we just saved....1400$ a week for 4 weeks! I would spend a million dollars a week to be with Hubby again but everything happens for a reason and I need to start looking forward to the day I get that passport and quit stressing. Look at my horoscope for today, it creeps me out how dead on it is:

"Things have come to a halt for no apparent reason. Although you had not bargained for a change of course and wanted to stick to a fixed schedule, you should take a detour in order to avoid the obstacle and not waste all your energy on trying to overcome it. It may take somewhat longer to reach your goal, but you might gain more valuable experience in doing so."

I am looking forward to decorating our new place and have had SO many DIY crafts pinned that I have been dying to do:
source: my pinterest board

Have you tried any of these? The travel shadow boxes in the center are my favorite!
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