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Quick update!

I made it to Germany!!! This weekend we are going into town and I cannot wait :) The base is gorgeous and everything is SO green. I keep singing "the hills are alive with the sound of music" anytime we go outside. The Commissary is on a huge hill that overlooks the whole town and our hotel is NUTS. My blogger is all in German now so if anything is weird, please excuse it because I cant read anything on here lol.

Our hotel! I want to live here permanently. It is brand new and has a heated towel rack in outside of our giant shower. The toilet is so high up that my feet dangle lol. 

Even our window is amazing. Theres a button you press and shutters come down blocking out all sunlight. The sun stays up until 10pm here right now so this comes in handy :)

View from our hotel window

Germany runs on wind, hydro, and solar power, and these were everywhereeeee on the Autobahn.

Here is the view from the Commissary. It doesnt do it any justice, because its So much prettier in person.  I cant wait to take my camera out there and get some great pictures.

The bottles of water and soda are HUGE. 1.5 liters, and only 40 cents on base for each.

Be prepared for tons of pictures next week after out trip to Mainz and Frankfurt this weekend!
I am having a blast with my Hubby and cant believe this is our new home :)


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