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Redbull Flugtag, waffles, and ducks!

This weekend we must have walked 20,000 miles. Well it felt and still totally feels like we did, since I cant get out of bed without cringing. It will be nice once our car gets here but until then, using the train and walking everywhere is totally worth it.
We went to the Redbull Flugtag yesterday and it was PACKED. If you havent heard/seen the commercials for these events, people make their own flying machines and try to launch them off a cliff to see who can go the farthest. They get judged on dance moves before the launch, creativity, and how far they go before they land into the Rhein River.

Us drinking Cranberry and Blueberry Redbulls...yum!

We finally found an Urban Outfitters and it was the fanciest one we've ever been in.

I am sooo happy to find that Bubble Tea is on every corner here. Hubby has always hated it back home and now he finally loves it. Our favorites are Vanilla tea with coffee boba and Caramel milk with yogurt boba. I want one right now.

Waffles with ice cream and Happy Hour drinks for dinner!

Hubby wanted to have a picnic and Im so glad we went. The Wiesbaden park is beautiful. We decided its our new Sunday tradition since all the stores are closed that day. People lay out in their bathing suits/bras and underwear. I was worried about no tanning beds/beaches here but problem solved. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous too.

Germans love Fanta. If you arent drinking Coca Cola, then you are drinking Fanta. They even mix the two drinks together and call it Mezzo Mix...its delicious.

Hubby chased around baby ducks and decided we will have a baby duck once we are back in the states.

My favorite graffitti we've seen so far.

The Commissary has Big Red! I have had so many cans of it this weekend.

We are still in the Army Lodging hotel and waiting on housing. So I feel like I cant get in the groove of things, nor do I have much free time. I cant wait to have time to read all of  your blogs and get back into normal posts, until then, thanks for hanging in there with me!


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