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Shopping day!

I took my first trip into town over the weekend and it was amazing. The train was lots of fun and it was so weird to see people with beers everywhere. A few young girls were drinking on the train and I had to double take a few times. I still havent had my first German beer as I felt sick all weekend but we are taking a trip to Berlin this weekend and I plan to have plenty of drinks on the way! I brought my camera but was too busy taking everything in so I snapped a few photos with Instagram. I promise to take a million pictures this weekend!

A few minutes from the base, in Wiesbaden. The town is gorgeous!


The Wiesbaden train station, where we took a train to Frankfurt. This is one of the places you have to actually pay to use the bathrooms.
Our reflection

Inside Frankfurt mall which is HUGE. The architecture was amazing there.

The mall again, look at all the escalators!

Frankfurt. There was supposed to be a huge protest there that day, and there were SO many Polizei (police) there with road blocks all over the place. But we were all disappointed. I guess the week before the protesters broke into the malls and trashed everything and that day we were there, they did nothing. They were just sitting with signs. Worse protestors ever.

Hubby and his friend being creeps.

Nutella filled muffin from Starbucks...yes please! Germans love Nutella. Seriously. Its everywhere.
Our hotel even has Nutella packets for our bagels every morning.

So far, the biggest differences besides the scenery and everyone speaking German is that the Germans are very quiet. I especially noticed it in Frankfurt when we were near the mall. There were tons and tons of people, with literally no noise. When Hubby and his friends would just talk it would sound like they were yelling at each other. Theres tons of italian and asian restaraunts. We eat lots of sushi and pizza here. I have yet to see any real German restaraunts....weird right? It sucks that everything opens at 10am and closes at 6pm everyday. And everything is closed on Sunday. Everything. And come 6pm they will kick you out of the store and shut everything down right away.  Also, if you need to the use the bathroom....good luck. Its not like America where you can use public restrooms everywhere. You either need to be eating at a restaraunt or in a mall, otherwise if youre lucky enough to find a bathroom, you have to pay to use it! It is amazing here though and I cant complain about anything yet. And I have my Hubby all to myself!


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