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Fridays Letters

Dear Hubby,
I cant wait to get stupid faceded at our first Wine Festival tomorrow, followed by maybe going out at night? We have been in bed by 10pm since Ive gotten here so staying up late will be nutso-bigutso!

Dear German Candy,
Get in my belly. All of you. Everything has Nutella in it and I cant get enough.

Dear Brothers,
Im sad I missed your Kindergarten graduation but Im so happy I got to live with you for the past 8 months. I love you fart brothers so much and you look so much older than you did 2 weeks ago when I left :(

Dear weather,
I love how hot its been since I got here. Today is cold and rainy and much needed as I sip on my hot chocolate and prop open our giant window. Time to catch up on some blogs!

Dear Mom/Sister,
I will be sending you tons of these once its cooler out and I know these wont melt. You will love biting off this hippos head just to find Nutella galore inside.

Dear readers,
If you want to swap ads this month send me an email! For those of you who have already sent yours, I will have them up on Sunday :) 

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