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Fridays Letters

Dear Hubby,
Im sorry your work schedule is going to be so crazy this month :/ Tonight you start overnights and have to work weekends and it sucksssss. Im going to miss laughing at how its the sunniest place ever in our bedroom at 10pm and how the birds are still chirping.

Dear Neighbors,
Could you please kindly stop stampeding down the stairs. Im pretty sure theres only 2 of you up there yet I brace myself for an earthquake once I hear your front door open.

Dear Germany,
Do you have the highest number of bladder infections in the world because Im sure Ill have one soon if I dont have one already. I refuse to pay to use the bathroom, if I can even find one out in public, and I especially refuse to pay an attendant who sits on their butt all day while the bathroom is a mess.

Dear Hubby,
I think its amazing you wear Harry Potter glasses while playing Lego Harry Potter, and that we reference the movies at least 5 times a day.

Dear Mommy and brudders and sister and Monster,


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