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Instagram Weekend

Our weekend has been super relaxing/fun.
Friday we went to a festival in Mainz all night.
Saturday we woke up early and had German Mcdonalds breakfast for the first time. Completely different menu than they have back home. Not a single thing is the same. You can get pancakes with honey, a croissant with butter, a chicken Mcmuffin, toast with ham and cheese, or what I got which was a croissant filled with ham and cheese. So weird. We went to Ikea afterwards to try our luck again, and found a couch and table set as well as a bedroom set that are a brand new line there! We just have to wait to get no tax forms from base, as the tax here is 19%.
Today is Sunday so that means everything is closed. Even some German websites are closed on Sundays, annoying...so we are playing Lego Harry Potter all day!
p.s. Ive been getting awesome pictures of my brothers this week so I added those in here for those of you that are having brother withdrawals like I am.
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