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Our weekend on Instagram

We just stayed in town this weekend and still had a blast. We ate so much delicious food and I may have had a mini heart attack in H&M because they just put out the cutest clothes ever. Thank you hubby for letting me shop til I dropped :)

Chicken Cordon Bleu covered in gravy for me and Shrimp Tortellini for Hubby.

Walking into town for the day. Everything is so green here!

Best sushi I have ever had. 

Ive worked at Forever21 for the past 4 years and it upsets me that theres not a single one in Germany. It upsets me even more that this place couldnt come up with their own idea.

Eating a delicious italian dinner in Mainz

Pizza Speciale. Mushrooms, onions, ham, and pepperoni. You better believe I ate this whole thing and I wish I had another right now.

Mcdonalds and Starbucks at the park! Their burgers are so much better here than in the states. The bread is fluffy and soft and the actual burger isnt the flattest thing ever either. Are you all starving now because I am.

We just got offered housing, so we are off to look at our new place! Fingers crossed that we love it.


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